Anti snap cylinder locks

Anti bump, anti pick, anti snap cylinder locks

We fit the most modern high security locks that fit your budget. Currently, the best replacement cylinder upgrades are the Brisant range with a choice of 4 different options. From the ever popular Brisant-E to the test beating – Ultion. There are half lock, rim lock, padlock, and thumb turn variations, so whatever your door type, Lock Solutions will be able to cater for your needs. They are all designed to prevent lock snapping, lock bumping and lock picking.

Lock snapping can be very problematic - Call Lock Solutions for a Lock upgrade today

A snapped lock – NOT a Brisant.

Lock snapping and other forcing attacks are now commonly seen in the area, and the formerly high security locks of just a few years ago are almost all vulnerable, especially if you have a uPVC or composite door. Lock bumping uses a specially formed key which can override the security built in to many locks. The old lock security standards simply did not foresee the emergence of these new attacks, and so never took them into account. Most older British Standard cylinders are now trivially opened using a few simple tools.

Lock Solutions fit Brisant High Security including anti snap cylinder Locks to prevent lock snapping.You however can relax, safe in the knowledge that bumpkeys, simple hand picks and even the sophisticated electric pick guns available online cannot beat these two cylinders – the Brisant cylinder system contains a small high powered magnet which no EPG or bumpkey can simulate, and it has a high security key called a “dimple key”. Both are realistically attack tested under the new TS007 testing scheme and are two of the very few locks to have reached the highest score, attaining a three star rating.

Even the finest anti-snap cylinders cannot fully protect the door, however, unless used with a security handle to offer additional protection. We supply and install the Mila security handle, which is machined from a solid block of aluminium and is bolted through the door to form a solid barrier against anyone trying to attack the door directly to get past the anti-snap protection built into the lock.

Physical security is a complex business. Let Lock Solutions guide you and help keep you safe.