uPVC specialist locksmith

uPVC window and uPVC door locks - Lock SolutionsAt Lock Solutions we can deal with the most stubborn of uPVC doors and uPVC windows. Tired of or even barely able to drag the handle up to lock your door? We can help by doing a “Toe & Heel” full door adjustment to get the door working smoothly, then we can fine tune the working parts so they are easy to move. We can source new keys for your window locks, so that when summer returns you can let some air in, and keep them safely locked down through the winter months.

Misted units can be repaired and replaced in a fairly short time, giving you a clear view out of the windows while keeping your room insulated in the cold months. If you opt for the latest sealed units you can actually increase the warmth trapping ability of the window – ask us about fitting the new, most energy efficient, A+ rated units, as your windows might be suitable. And don’t worry that it will turn into an oven in summer; the new units are designed to reflect direct sunlight’s strong infra-red heat, but to trap the warmth inside your home, ensuring it keeps in the heat already there, but doesn’t boil you!

We can also fit additional security. If you have externally beaded downstairs windows or doors, you could be leaving a simple way for criminals to swiftly get into your home with nearly no noise. We can fit security solutions for this issue. Likewise, we can fit new locking strips into your existing doors, bringing them up to a modern security standard compatible with your insurance – brilliant locks aren’t much use if the door can be easily forced open!

uPVC window and uPVC door locks - Lock SolutionsIf you want something more sophisticated, we can also offer fob controlled door strips, which allow you to open your front door in the same manner as your car, by secure radio remote control. Other upgrades include “Auto lock”, and “lift to lock” so you can simply shut the door without needing your key on the way out. However, even something as simple as the addition of a sprung clutched or thumbturn lock can prevent your other half accidentally locking you out at night by leaving the key in the back!

Whatever you want from your uPVC doors and windows, you can rely on us! Lock Solutions now offer uPVC window and door installation. Click here for more details.